FSPViewer version 2.1.0 is available for download for different operating systems from this page.


Click here to download the program as an installer. The installer copies the executable file to the Programs folder and it creates a start menu entry. It also associates JPEG and TIFF images with FSPViewer, so you can open an image by right clicking it. The installer contains both the 32 bit and the 64 bit programs and it will automatically install the correct one.
This is the recommended download for normal users.
If a previous version is already installed in the computer the installer will upgrade it.
The installer is digitally signed by FSoft s.r.l.

Click here to download the program as a zip file. The archive contains the 32 bit and 64 bit executable files: this option is reserved to users who have the technical skills needed to directly use these files.


The Linux versions are available as an archive containing the executable file. Just extract the executable and save it in a folder.
The program is compiled in an old distribution so it should work on any modern Linux distributions.

Click here to download the 32 bit version.

Click here to download the 64 bit version.


Click here to download the OS X version. You will download a dmg file: just open it and look at the readme file.